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I’ve experienced what a lot of people call success. I’m the (mother fucking) CEO of a number of companies including 1st Phorm International. My vertically integrated companies import, manufacture, distribute and sell nutrition, weight loss, and fitness related products all over the world. My partner and best friend Chris and I built our companies from the ground up starting with Supplement Superstores in 1999. After sixteen years of hard work, and not making anything our first three years in business and no more than $695 a month the next seven years, we’re kicking ass—dominating market share and making millions.

As a result, I’ve been able to enjoy all the things that money can buy: Big houses, cars, expensive toys, the freedom to travel everywhere, you name it.   But, especially now that I’ve experienced all those things, my personal belief is that (1) those things are nice, but they aren’t really what success is all about and (2) making money and growing a company and all that shit is great, but the reality is, if you keep that to yourself and don’t figure out how others can benefit from your success, you’re missing the point and that missed point will ultimately lead to failure in business and life.

So that’s what THE MFCEO Project is about. Helping you be truly successful. Helping you dominate personally and professionally.   From podcasts and mp3 downloads to books and videos, the resources you’ll find here are practical and actionable advice on business and life, delivered in my raw, honest, straight up/no bullshit style. (This is a rainbow, unicorn and well…pussy…free zone.)

Bottom line: Glad you’re here. Let’s get shit done together.



Do you have a mentor program? I would love to learn from you, man. You are a fucking inspiration!


Strong, powerful and inspiring brother. To validate by words is an art form but to validate by experience is a Masterpiece! Great job U R painting motivating wisdom daily and that is PRICELESS! Phenomenal!


this man is my favorite motivator

This guy is the fucking truth bro. Thanks for sharing



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Discipline Is The Difference, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO140

What really matters when it comes down to being successful? It's not motivation. It's discipline. Anybody can give 100 percent at the gym when they feel like it. Anybody can do the work they need to do when they feel like it. But it is the people who are completely unmotivated and even repulsed by the thought of hitting the gym or doing the work - and do it anyway! - that are the ones who truly dominate in everything they do.
April 20, 2017/by vaughnkohler

How to Integrate Subject Matter Expertise and Sales, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO139

When it comes to sales, you can't settle for mastering product knowledge.That's too myopic. You have to broaden your approach to include a comprehensive knowledge and expertise, not just of a particular product, but of the whole industry or field of which your product is one part. As Andy Frisella says, you have to be "the guy." You yourself have to be a holistic resource for your customer. Those who do that will reap benefits for your brand and bottom line.
April 18, 2017/by vaughnkohler

Your Sacrifice Is Normal, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO138

You think you're making a sacrifice in the pursuit of your dream? You think you are giving up so much as you work to build your business? Andy Frisella says that you need to radically readjust your thinking on the matter. Pain and struggle and sacrifice are a normal part of achievement. You aren't doing anything that anyone who has ever achieved greatness hasn't done. You need to understand that. You need to quit your bitching and get work done.
April 13, 2017/by vaughnkohler

Paint a Picture, Cast a Vision, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO137

What do you do when you have a business partner who can't get his head in the game? What do you do when you can't seem to motivate the other stakeholders in your business venture? In this episode, The MFCEO drops some truth bombs about the responsibility that every entrepreneur has to "paint the picture" that will cast a compelling vision that will motivate your team and create a winning culture.
April 7, 2017/by vaughnkohler

Kill! Kill! Kill!: What My Dad Taught Me About Competition, Excellence, and Success

My dad wanted us to be aggressive. My dad knew that life is hard, and that in order to succeed in anything, you have to develop a mindset and personal conduct that is serious as blood and tough as mother fucking nails. He knew that success requires a killer competitive attitude and an unparalleled will to win. Developing a competitive mindset and character is a necessity of being successful. It doesn’t mean you focus on other people’s losses. It means you have the will to be the best no matter what you’re doing in life, whether you work on the Stock Market trading floor—or you’re just sweeping it.
April 4, 2017/by vaughnkohler

Inc. Magazine Features Andy Frisella As An Example of the Power of Personal Branding

Inc. Magazine featured Andy Frisella in a recent article about the importance of personal branding and how it relates to the success of a business. In an interview with Inc.'s Nicolas Cole, Andy shared how he first discovered the power of branding for personal and professional success.
April 4, 2017/by vaughnkohler

There Is No Success Fairy (And Success Sure As Hell Isn’t Magic)

I used to wonder if all this work would be worth it. I used to wonder what would happen if I did all this work and still didn't make it. Was I wasting my time? Was all the pain for nothing? Was all the struggle for nothing?
April 3, 2017/by vaughnkohler

Create Value, Create Opportunity, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO136

What do you have to do to impress Andy Frisella so much he gives you his phone number? Joe and Mike Maki of Brokkr Wood and Metal Working pulled it off. How? By creating a product of amazing value and coordinating a surprise delivery to The MFCEO - who was blown away. In this episode, Andy talks to the Maki Brothers and breaks down his thoughts on building something of value, taking initiative, and doing the work necessary to open up amazing opportunities for yourself.
March 30, 2017/by vaughnkohler

How to Create Killer Content, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO135

How did Andy Frisella build a huge social media following and motivate millions of listeners to download The MFCEO Project every month? How did he become a highly sought after speaker and consultant? He did it by creating killer content: Instagram captions that punch people in the mouth, Facebook posts that speak the truth and light people on fire, and podcast episodes that motivate and educate. In this episode he shares his guiding principles and practical tips for putting together the kind of material that draws a crowd and makes you money.
March 27, 2017/by vaughnkohler

The Inefficient Is Essential, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO134

What's next for Andy Frisella? In this episode, The MFCEO shares his plans for further developing the podcast and the mission of The MFCEO Project. From starting a new YouTube show to developing a new array of digital resources, the mission is the same: Provide value. Help people maximize the potential of their business and lives. Also in this episode, Andy shares the principle that "doing the inefficient is essential." Sometimes the things that take the most time are the most important.
March 24, 2017/by vaughnkohler
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