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I’ve experienced what a lot of people call success. I’m the (mother fucking) CEO of a number of companies including 1st Phorm International. My vertically integrated companies import, manufacture, distribute and sell nutrition, weight loss, and fitness related products all over the world. My partner and best friend Chris and I built our companies from the ground up starting with Supplement Superstores in 1999. After sixteen years of hard work, and not making anything our first three years in business and no more than $695 a month the next seven years, we’re kicking ass—dominating market share and making millions.

As a result, I’ve been able to enjoy all the things that money can buy: Big houses, cars, expensive toys, the freedom to travel everywhere, you name it.   But, especially now that I’ve experienced all those things, my personal belief is that (1) those things are nice, but they aren’t really what success is all about and (2) making money and growing a company and all that shit is great, but the reality is, if you keep that to yourself and don’t figure out how others can benefit from your success, you’re missing the point and that missed point will ultimately lead to failure in business and life.

So that’s what THE MFCEO Project is about. Helping you be truly successful. Helping you dominate personally and professionally.   From podcasts and mp3 downloads to books and videos, the resources you’ll find here are practical and actionable advice on business and life, delivered in my raw, honest, straight up/no bullshit style. (This is a rainbow, unicorn and well…pussy…free zone.)

The MFCEO Project's Andy Frisella speaking on the power of perspective

Bottom line: Glad you’re here. Let’s get shit done together.



Do you have a mentor program? I would love to learn from you, man. You are a fucking inspiration!


Strong, powerful and inspiring brother. To validate by words is an art form but to validate by experience is a Masterpiece! Great job U R painting motivating wisdom daily and that is PRICELESS! Phenomenal!


this man is my favorite motivator

This guy is the fucking truth bro. Thanks for sharing



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How To Create Value in Yourself, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO87

Just as businesses thrive on products that solve problems and bring value to customers, successful people are men and women who have learned how to provide value through who they are and what they do--no matter what it is. "No matter what job you're working," says Andy Frisella, "ultimately you always work for yourself." Whether it is forming the habit of hard work or always seeing the bigger picture, there are practical steps anyone can take to become a truly valuable person.
August 23, 2016/by vaughnkohler

You Are In Control, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO86

The difference between people who fail and people who succeed is that the latter are brutally honest with themselves. They don't make excuses for themselves. They don't blame any external factors or circumstances. They execute. They push through. And above all else, the believe they are in control of their lives. And they use that control to accomplish incredible feats that others only dream about.
August 18, 2016/by vaughnkohler

Controlling Momentum, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO85

How do you control momentum? How do you effectively convert movement into success? Whether it is learning how to focus on the benefits instead of the work or celebrating the small steps as victories, Andy Frisella shares his insight for how to get your life and/or business moving in the right direction.
August 16, 2016/by vaughnkohler

Quit Quitting, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO84

The cheesy self-help gurus and self-proclaimed masters of success always repeat the same phrase, "Don't quit. Don't ever quit." Even though it's gotten to be a cliche and is often expressed in a sunshine-and-unicorns way, it is true. Success is hard. The world doesn't owe you anything. You are going to have to fight like hell for every inch of progress. Above all, you have to learn how to finish. You must quit quitting.
August 11, 2016/by vaughnkohler

Sales As A Way of Life, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO83

Sales skills aren't just helpful for business. They are applicable--and essential--for success in all of life. Joined by his brother, 1st Phorm President of Operations Sal Frisella, The MFCEO returns to a favorite subject. Ultimately, it's not about selling products and services. It's about selling yourself--and helping people.
August 9, 2016/by vaughnkohler

Quit Fearing the Work, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO82

"Why are you afraid of the work?" That's the question the MFCEO poses to people who aren't realizing their potential and pursuing the kind of life they really want. At first glance, Andy Frisella says, people might seem lazy. Sometimes they are. But often, people aren't lazy. They are afraid. The prospect of working hard terrifies them because they don't understand the benefits. They don't believe that their hard work will ultimately payoff.
August 4, 2016/by vaughnkohler

Keep Calm and Get Sh*t Done, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO81

There's so much craziness in the world. People are stressed out about everything from ISIS and environmental disasters to gun violence and racism. The truly great, successful people know how to be surrounded by this craziness and keep their cool. They know how to live in the middle of this chaos and still get sh*t done. The MFCEO knows this is a tough task, but he believes it can be done. In this episode, he shares his thoughts on how to do it.
August 2, 2016/by vaughnkohler

Your Situation Is Not Unique, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO80

"Hey, Andy! Can you give me some special advice for accomplishing my goals and dreams? My situation is unique." No. Stop right there. According to The MFCEO, nobody's situation is unique. Everybody has disadvantages. Everybody faces adversity. Success is hard for everybody. So stop making excuses and get shit done now.
July 28, 2016/by vaughnkohler

The Tools I Use, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO79

What tools does The MFCEO use to pursue success? In this episode, Andy Frisella gets down to the nuts and bolts, outlining his daily practices for maintaining vision, setting goals, dealing with criticism, turning adversity into an asset, and more!
July 25, 2016/by vaughnkohler

Successful People Make An Impact, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO78

All successful people have at least one thing in common: They know how to make an impact on other people. Whether they are talking to the President of the United States or the bellhop at a low budget hotel, they know how to be friendly, engaging, and how to provide an amazing experience, life-changing experience. In short: They know how to be memorable.
July 21, 2016/by vaughnkohler
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