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I’ve experienced what a lot of people call success. I’m the (mother fucking) CEO of a number of companies including 1st Phorm International. My vertically integrated companies import, manufacture, distribute and sell nutrition, weight loss, and fitness related products all over the world. My partner and best friend Chris and I built our companies from the ground up starting with Supplement Superstores in 1999. After sixteen years of hard work, and not making anything our first three years in business and no more than $695 a month the next seven years, we’re kicking ass—dominating market share and making millions.

As a result, I’ve been able to enjoy all the things that money can buy: Big houses, cars, expensive toys, the freedom to travel everywhere, you name it.   But, especially now that I’ve experienced all those things, my personal belief is that (1) those things are nice, but they aren’t really what success is all about and (2) making money and growing a company and all that shit is great, but the reality is, if you keep that to yourself and don’t figure out how others can benefit from your success, you’re missing the point and that missed point will ultimately lead to failure in business and life.

So that’s what THE MFCEO Project is about. Helping you be truly successful. Helping you dominate personally and professionally.   From podcasts and mp3 downloads to books and videos, the resources you’ll find here are practical and actionable advice on business and life, delivered in my raw, honest, straight up/no bullshit style. (This is a rainbow, unicorn and well…pussy…free zone.)

The MFCEO Project's Andy Frisella speaking on the power of perspective

Bottom line: Glad you’re here. Let’s get shit done together.



Do you have a mentor program? I would love to learn from you, man. You are a fucking inspiration!


Strong, powerful and inspiring brother. To validate by words is an art form but to validate by experience is a Masterpiece! Great job U R painting motivating wisdom daily and that is PRICELESS! Phenomenal!


this man is my favorite motivator

This guy is the fucking truth bro. Thanks for sharing



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Your Best, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO120

"I'm doing my best." That's what people say all the time. But Andy Frisella asks, "what is your best?" According to The MFCEO, "your best" is always developing, always evolving. That's why you can't ever really say you've achieved your best. Instead, you should be constantly pushing yourself to your best, which will always be just out of your reach.
January 12, 2017/by vaughnkohler

Millenial Mentality, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO119

In the last couple weeks, a video by Simon Sinek discussing Millenials in the workplace has gone viral. In this episode, Andy Frisella interacts with Sinek's key points; sharing his thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of the Millenial generation, as well as his insights for any employers or entrepreneurs who work with Millenials. Regardless of your age or generation, the basic principles of success and happiness remain the same: work hard, invest in deep relationships, and commit to the long haul
January 9, 2017/by vaughnkohler

Five Days In, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO118

It's already five days into the new year and some people who made grandiose resolutions have already compromised them. According to the MFCEO, that is exactly why they don't have the life they want - and that is entirely their fault. What is it going to take for people to understand that wanting success and being a real practitioner of success are two different things. Even if you've already screwed up your plan, stop being in love with the idea of success and start actually working toward it. Now.
January 4, 2017/by vaughnkohler

Recalibrate, Part 4: Perseverance, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO117

"Never give up." In business and in life, we hear this a lot. But what does it take to persevere? What expectations for pursuing goals and dreams set people up for disappointment and failure. Here's the reality: anything worth doing in life is going to be very, very hard. You have to understand the mindset and the method for pressing on or you're not going to make it. In part 4 of the 4-part series Recalibrate, Andy Frisella unpacks his thoughts on the all-important quality of perseverance.
January 2, 2017/by vaughnkohler

MFCE HO HO HO, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO116

Thinking over the last year, Andy Frisella says he is incredibly grateful for the success of The MFCEO Project, as well as the successes of his other businesses. In this episode, two days before Christmas, Andy urges everyone to cultivate a positive attitude, focus on the things you are thankful for, and bring others with you on the road to success and happiness.
December 23, 2016/by vaughnkohler

Recalibrate, Part 3: Motivation, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO115

A few people in life are gifted with a natural talent for self-motivation. But most men and women on Earth struggle to motivate themselves. In this episode of The MFCEO Project - the third of the Recalibrate series - Andy Frisella unpacks his thoughts on overcoming the things that undermine our will to act - from self-doubt and discouragement to difficulty and defeat.
December 19, 2016/by vaughnkohler

The Intangibles, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO114

"Steve" is "the average mother f*cker." He buys all the success books. He goes to all the seminars. But nothing ever changes for him. Why? According to Andy Frisella, he doesn't have "The Intangibles." These are: heart, desire, drive, passion, intensity, a will to win. Do you have these? If you don't, nothing will ever change for you, either. If you do, you'll be part of the 1 percent that truly achieve success and greatness. Ultimately, your actions will answer that question.
December 15, 2016/by vaughnkohler

Recalibrate, Part 2: Greatness, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO113

What is greatness? How is a successful person different from someone who is great? Why doesn't the average person pursue greatness? What does it take to be considered great? How do you cultivate greatness in your life? In part 2 of the Recalibrate series, Andy Frisella gets more philosophical and unpacks his thoughts on a topic that is profoundly important to anyone who wants to live the best possible life.
December 12, 2016/by vaughnkohler

Nobody Cares, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO112

Why do you take the time to whine and b*tch about your life? Why do you complain in person or on social media? Here's the reality: nobody cares. So why don't you take the energy that you spend (actually, waste) in complaining and channel it into something productive, like developing skills and getting sh*t done!
December 7, 2016/by vaughnkohler

Recalibrate, Part 1: Success, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO111

The MFCEO Project is all about action and execution. But that doesn't mean action without thinking or execution without reflection. In this episode of the podcast, Andy Frisella gets all philosophical and further unpacks his definition and understanding of success. This is part 1 of a 4-part series called "Recalibrate," a series meant to refresh your understanding of the core principles of success and get you reoriented and ready for the new year.
December 5, 2016/by vaughnkohler
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