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I’ve experienced what a lot of people call success. I’m the (mother fucking) CEO of a number of companies including 1st Phorm International. My vertically integrated companies import, manufacture, distribute and sell nutrition, weight loss, and fitness related products all over the world. My partner and best friend Chris and I built our companies from the ground up starting with Supplement Superstores in 1999. After sixteen years of hard work, and not making anything our first three years in business and no more than $695 a month the next seven years, we’re kicking ass—dominating market share and making millions.

As a result, I’ve been able to enjoy all the things that money can buy: Big houses, cars, expensive toys, the freedom to travel everywhere, you name it.   But, especially now that I’ve experienced all those things, my personal belief is that (1) those things are nice, but they aren’t really what success is all about and (2) making money and growing a company and all that shit is great, but the reality is, if you keep that to yourself and don’t figure out how others can benefit from your success, you’re missing the point and that missed point will ultimately lead to failure in business and life.

So that’s what THE MFCEO Project is about. Helping you be truly successful. Helping you dominate personally and professionally.   From podcasts and mp3 downloads to books and videos, the resources you’ll find here are practical and actionable advice on business and life, delivered in my raw, honest, straight up/no bullshit style. (This is a rainbow, unicorn and well…pussy…free zone.)

The MFCEO Project's Andy Frisella speaking on the power of perspective

Bottom line: Glad you’re here. Let’s get shit done together.



Do you have a mentor program? I would love to learn from you, man. You are a fucking inspiration!


Strong, powerful and inspiring brother. To validate by words is an art form but to validate by experience is a Masterpiece! Great job U R painting motivating wisdom daily and that is PRICELESS! Phenomenal!


this man is my favorite motivator

This guy is the fucking truth bro. Thanks for sharing



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Take a P* on Plan B

So many people say, "This is my greatest hope and dream...but if it doesn't work out, there's always Plan B." Andy Frisella says, "No!" There-Is-Always-Plan-B kind of thinking is the mindset of failure. You need to be 100 percent committed. All or nothing.
June 30, 2016/by vaughnkohler

Showing Up Is Not Enough, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO72

There is an epidemic in America. From coast to coast, people think they can put in minimal effort and get maximum results. According to Andy Frisella, it doesn't work that way. Showing up is not enough. To be truly successful, you have to take pride in everything you do, pay attention to the details, and if necessary, go twenty extra miles. Put simply, you need to overachieve.
June 16, 2016/by vaughnkohler

How To Be The MFCEO of Your Family, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO71

The MFCEO Project isn't just about motivation and success. It is committed to a total transformation of our culture, and very little is more critical to the positive development of people than parents. As Father's Day approaches, Andy Frisella and the crew talk to Larry Hagner from the Good Dad Project. It's not enough to be the MFCEO of your life. You have to be the MFCEO of your family, too.
June 14, 2016/by vaughnkohler

You Will Do Something Badly Before You’re a Badass, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO70

What is one of the main reasons most people never do anything significant in life? Because their egos don't allow them to be seen doing something poorly. They never want people to see them experiencing loss or failure. According to Andy Frisella, you have to be willing to do something badly for awhile before you become good--and eventually great--at it. That is the natural path to excellence--and success.
June 9, 2016/by vaughnkohler

Farokh Sarmad, Social Media, and Success, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO68

Farokh Sarmad, better known as @farokhgoodlife, is a college-age entrepreneur and social media mogul who is killing it on Instagram. In this episode, The MFCEO and crew invite him into the studio to discuss the basics of business and badassery.
June 7, 2016/by vaughnkohler

Don’t Procrastinate Your Greatness, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO69

In a famous scene in Rocky 3, Apollo Creed tells Rocky Balboa, "There is no tomorrow!" Why do people procrastinate their commitment to greatness? Why do they put off until tomorrow the excellence they could achieve today? Andy Frisella and the MFCEO crew discuss that question and provide tips for defeating procrastination and dominating your life without wasting another 24 hours.
May 31, 2016/by vaughnkohler

Successful People Know How To Commit, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO67

Average people have no idea what commitment really costs. They feel good about themselves when they exercise a couple weeks worth of focus and self-discipline. The reality is, true commitment requires a wholehearted investment of everything a person has. It requires a sustained effort over an extended period of time. True commitment requires a firm "yes," not a maybe. Knowing how to commit is what makes the difference between those who talk shit and those who do shit.
May 24, 2016/by vaughnkohler

Two Things That Destroy Forward Progress, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO66

There are two things in life that utterly destroy your forward progress. The first is holding on to your past victories. The second is the mentality that says “I will just show up to work and do the bare minimum.” In this episode, Andy Frisella explains why these two things will kill your success—and what you need to do to rid them from your life.
May 19, 2016/by vaughnkohler

The Power and Potential of One Human Being, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO65

Can one person really make a difference? Can a single man or woman really accomplish anything? In this episode, Andy Frisella talks about why he believes in individuals. From our greatest obstacle to achieving our potential to the supreme effectiveness of our actions, the MFCEO talks about the power and potential of human beings.
May 10, 2016/by vaughnkohler

Don’t Let Your Ego Hurt Your Effectiveness, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO64

If you think humility has nothing to do with success, you're wrong. People who think they know everything and can do everything very seldom accomplish anything. Winning in business and life requires the ability to know what you know and what you don't know, and the commitment to surround yourself with people who help you maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.
May 5, 2016/by vaughnkohler
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