Win The Day, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO107

How can you be an outlier in a world full of people dedicated to mediocrity? How can you train yourself to be mentally tough, accomplish critical tasks, and set goals and dreams for yourself that stretch you beyond your comfort zone into the highest levels of greatness? In this episode, bestselling author and performance coach Ben Newman rejoins the MFCEO crew and Andy Frisella shares his thoughts on everything from the practice of visualization to his favorite tool: The Power List.

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  • Joshua Rockwood

    Great episode, through this episode I realized that I need to tweek my daily power lists a little bit. Tommorrow’s power list will include a few of the habits that I have been implementing into my daily routine. I will also be more specific in the details of what is on the list.

    It was great to have Ben Newman back on for an epiosode. I hope he continues to make the rounds back from time to time. So much great info from all 4 of you, including Tyler. Happy Birthday Tyler!

    Keep it up.



    This one will be listened to a second and 3rd time. Get out your note books boys and girls. On point!

  • Paul Thomas

    Ben Newman is back and within the first 10 minutes he and Andy go HAMF! The MFCEO podcast kicked off a real hot-streak with episode 95 (easily one of the best ever) and it’s just become an absolute steamroller of straight ahead, no BS, down-to-Earth, practical advice and hard-earned wisdom. There’s just no messing with this podcast. Listen on repeat as you roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. ‘Nuff said.

  • Thomas Recher

    Such a kick ass episode !

  • Engel Muntz

    I don’t understand why Ben Newman talks about prayer out of no where, Andy has never said that he prayed for what he has.
    It does not take prayer to get there, it takes vision and action that is what he said.
    It’s not some god who is going to bless you.
    I don’t want to be rude to people who believe in god, but Andy said it him self.
    Listen to the podcast “Five Days In, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO118 on 00:05:56”

    I’m just saying, not being rude.

    • James Durham

      So my question would be. Why are you concerned about what Ben Newman said? Just trying to follow the logic.

  • Matthew

    20th time listening to this episode. Keep coming back to it over and over, this is the one I send out to people who haven’t heard Andy before. So much value in here. Help get the heads on right for any entrepreneur feeling like they are out there on their own.

  • Navid Amin

    Power list starts at 38:15 .

  • Ron

    andy, and gang, awesome content. turned on to your site when you interviewed with Mike Dillard. So as you can tell I’m a newbie and i would like to catch up with podcast 01, is there a short-cut to finding this versus going backwards 5 podcasts at a time?
    I was listening to Dean Grasiosi interview when this episode was mentioned and it tweaked my curiosity. my past includes opening restaurants and import/export businesses. two restaurant wins (lost both to divorce) and self-destructed. started Import/export in rattan, lost to divorce. as you can tell I’m lucky in love. any who’s i’m going to do power list because I’ve gone kinda numb and now I’m bored with numb. So at 63 its time to kick my ass back into the game. and since I’ve never used a power list before i think this will speed up the process. luckily I’m still strong physically (work out 5 days a week – tabata style). again, awesome content and flipped this to my son as he is struggling and i feel this could give him the boost he needs. cheers…ron