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What You Should Fear

Some people say you shouldn’t be driven be fear.  Andy Frisella, The MFCEO, thinks that is wrong–in a manner of speaking.  In this episode of The MFCEO Project, he tells you what you should fear.  If you fear these five things, you won’t be afraid to live.

#1:  Fear Mediocrity

Laziness kills the soul, the MFCEO says.  The worst place to be is in the half-ass state.  You aren’t killing it–so you can’t enjoy the rewards of excellence.  But you aren’t a total failure, either.  So you haven’t hit rock bottom enough to want to change.  Mediocrity is the worst because it drugs you into a catatonic state of complacency.  You are like an animal caught in a cage–and you don’t even know it. Mediocrity is what you should fear.

#2:  Fear Insignificance

What could be worse than spending all your time pissing away each day of your life with shitty reality shows and doing nothing but smoking and drinking?  What is worse than realizing that there wasn’t anything in your life that had meaning, that really nothing in your life MATTERED?  Insignificance is what you should fear.

#3: Fear a Life That Offends No One

Winston Churchill said, “You have enemies? Good. It means you stood for something.”  How terrible it is to go through life wanting to appease a crowd that has zero investment in your happiness or success. A life that offends no one is what you should fear.

#4:  Fear Regret 

Someday you’re going to die.  When your life flashes before you, and the credits roll, are you going to see the words, “OH shit. It’s too late?”  When they bury you, is your tombstone going to read “What Might Have been?”  Regret is what you should fear.

#5:  Fear Dying Alone

It’s not all about you. It’s about the people you bring with you.  Have you been loyal to people?  Have you built up solid friendships and cared about people?  Have you lived in such a way that there will be a mother fucking shit ton of people at your funeral? Will people get in fights arguing over who is going to give your eulogy, because everyone thinks so highly of you.  Dying alone is what you should fear.

Fear…and Don’t Be Afraid

Guys, everybody says don’t be driven by fear. Andy gets that.  But there are things you should be afraid of. These are just 5 of them.  If you develop a healthy fear of these things, and there will be one thing that you won’t be afraid of.  You won’t be afraid to LIVE. And live to the fullest – every mother fucking day of your mother fucking life.

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  • Moin Inaam

    Remembering that you are dying is the best way to get rid of fear. It worked with me.

  • Carlos Reyes

    ?. Love it. Short and straight to the point. I’d rather have you guys ramble on and on, love that shit.. But sometimes you just gotta slap them in the face the BOOK of wisdom..

  • There isn’t a podcast that goes by where we don’t learn something that is valuable for our company arsenal. This is life lessons laid in your lap to utilize. I can honestly say I have learned more just from the MFCEO podcast in the last month or so then I did all in college. Keep up the great work!

    P.S. If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or seeking self worth (personal/financial) you are missing the boat by not listening to this gold and sharing it with your team or friends seeking the same growth in life.

  • Jacob Pauley

    Been showing this to all my friends, fuckin great message brother

  • Gibran Rodriguez

    Short but twice as strong. You got that right! We only live once, let’s ride!!

  • David C. Likens

    Five outstanding points to FEAR in business and in life! #halfasserySUCKS