It’s Time to Draw a Line in the Sand, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO207

Can you draw a line in the sand? Can you decide that f*cking enough is enough and that the change you need to make is far more important than the sacrifice it will take to make it? The problem is, too many people can’t do that. Too many people think they can make endless compromises with themselves, and that they have plenty of time to get around to the life they want. F*ck that! They don’t. Successful people know that. And they resolve to cut the bullsh!t and get serious: Immediately.

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  • Thank you Andy!

  • Stepping up to the line…. An expression I’ve used time and time again and yet have still wondered if I have what it takes to draw that line in the sand.
    I drew the line when I stopped smoking 15 – 20 years ago.
    I drew the line when stopped drinking when my liver stopped working right and I was told I’d die if I kept drinking.
    I drew the line when I got as close to killing myself as I could, and we still be able to talk.
    I drew those lines and I said never again. And I haven’t looked back.
    It’s time to own the lines I have drawn in the past. It’s time to draw new ones where needed in the present. And then act accordingly.
    Thanks for the strong message today. It struck a chord in me.

  • Nighthawk

    Quick, concise and to the point. The operative line for me was “weak. They can’t stick through what they promised themselves”. This is me: I keep breaking promises to myself, but are there for all others. Andy’s earlier message on being able to say “No” also applies. It means nothing to have business cards and a title if I am not willing to work and develop a real estate investing business. I am in debt for the training, which was marginal at best. This is on me and I take full ownership. The line in the sand is drawn and I am pissed, if not disgusted, with my lack of action. It’s all about fear and losing courage. As a combat veteran with three tours in Iraq, I had my courage tested on the battlefield. I need to make it happen in business, as I am letting my family down. To take a page out of Ed Mylett’s vernacular: “My will to win is no longer for sale”. Thanks for the much needed kick in the fourth point of contact, Andy. Like an Ace pitcher, you throw great stuff…

  • joel mooke

    Thank you Andy for the great podcast, I’ll admit first hand that drawing the line, saying NO and changing my bad habits is my weakest point. I can’t just say NO/ draw a line between me and those close to me. I know it something that I really need to do to be able to progress in life but it hasn’t been easy for me. I really need to wake up and act.