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Podcast Overview

Sixteen years ago, Andy Frisella, “The MFCEO,” and his business partner, Chris, started a company called Supplement Superstores with $12,000 they earned from striping the stripes on parking lots and now, along with their second company 1st Phorm, do over $100 million a year in business.  He started this podcast basically for three reasons.

  •      To mentor people who don’t have mentors
  •      To motivate people in a real authentic way
  •      Because he has a passion for motivating and helping people

Andy’s main motivation here is to help people realize what it takes to A) be successful. B) stay self motivated and C) hopefully for people to give back to others as well.

It all starts with the power of perspective.

Episode Introduction

In this first conversation of The MFCEO Project podcast, Andy Frisella, “the MFCEO” of Supplement Superstores and 1st Phorm International, explains the purpose of the podcast and shares how he was brutally stabbed, left for dead, but eventually recovered and learned the importance of overcoming adversity for success in business and life.

Joining Andy is his co-host, Vaughn Kohler.  The two of them talk about how to develop a mindset that knows how “to turn an ass-kicking into an asset.”  This is a provocative, motivating conversation that drives home what all successful people have in common: the power of perspective.  The ability to find the good in the bad.

Andy’s Story:  Stabbed In Springfield

Oftentimes, when people first meet Andy in person, the first question that they have, that they might be afraid to ask is, “what happened to your face?” Andy’s got several scars on his face. He’s got nerve damage on his face. There was a time where he wouldn’t tell people what happened because he was embarrassed of it.  He felt like they judged him so he would tell them he got in a car accident or something like that, just quick and easy.  But the truth is, he got stabbed multiple times.  Andy tells the harrowing story of how he almost died, the shit he went through afterward, and what he learned from it all.

The Successful Find the Good in the Bad

Andy says that it’s necessary to realize that if you really want to have an awesome life, if you really want to be successful, you have to develop the power of perspective.  That’s the ability to find the good in the bad. Andy doesn’t mean that in terms of fairly tale fluffy, cotton tail rabbit stuff. He means , “look, there’s going to be bad shit that happens, there’s going to be things that happen to all of us. There’s going to be adversity. There’s going to be things that we can’t necessarily control. There’s going to be situations that are going to piss you off and frustrate you and really make you want to quit.” The difference between people who are successful and people who aren’t successful in life are that former look at these situations that cause tremendous amount of heartache and pain and they find the lessons in those situations.  They use them to their advantage.

Choosing The Power Of Perspective

Andy says it all comes down to how you choose to see things. The great thing about developing the “power of perspective” mindset is that when bad shit does happen, you don’t get upset about it anymore. What happens is, instead of getting pissed off and upset and crying about the bad things that happened, you automatically look at things and say,  (A) “All right, that happened. (B) I’m not going to do that again and (C), here’s what I learned. That’s something that all successful people do and all unsuccessful do not do. Developing the mindset that thinks “I can learn anything from struggle and setbacks” is a tremendous tool and advantage that you have over other people.

Develop The Power of Perspective So It Becomes Automatic

Andy says that once you develop the skill of seeing the good in the bad on a regular basis, it becomes automatic.  That’s when you become exponentially more powerful because it’s not a conscious decision anymore, it’s just what you are. When bad things happen, you automatically say, “All right.  This is what it is.  How can I respond positively, productively, and powerfully to this?”

Take Inventory of the Bad Shit You Can Use

Andy says we should take inventory of the “bad shit” that’s happening to us right now. Take inventory of these things that you’re frustrated about.  Instead of being frustrated, take a piece of paper out and write down what you can learn, what is the upside and how you can use this to your advantage. It changes your perspective. Instead of being frustrated, it basically takes a weight off of your shoulders. Try doing that, see how it makes you feel and when you’re in a positive mindset and you have that pressure off you it’s a lot easier to do things you need to do.  You’re not dwelling on the negative.

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  • Roc

    Epic stuff! This is gonna blow up

  • Tony D’Angelo

    I’m so glad this podcast finally dropped!! The world needs more mentors and hard working people like Andy Frisella

  • Colton Moore

    I just wanted to say thank you for what you are doing. You are one of the reason I was inspired to start my own business. Listening to the things you say have really helped motivate me to get my shit together and start the long road of a business. Now after I bust my ass off at work and get off I go straight home and start working on my company until I pass out every night. Breach Phitness is nothing right now but I’ll keep busting my balls until I get it up and running then I’ll push myself to work even harder. I’ve made it a business/life goal to start helping others in the ways that I can. I’m going to make this fucking work! Again just wanted to thank you and your companies for the motivation that you gave me personally and yall keep doing the great things you do.

    • vaughnkohler

      You’re welcome, Colton! Thanks for the comments. I will pass them on to Andy! -@vaughnkohler

  • Josh Van Ness

    Andy, this is FUCKING amazing! Not the part about you getting stabbed but what came from it and the learning experience down a long road that was halted when you met a stranger in a local store. When I first met you in Cleveland at the Gold Rush Rally I noticed the scar and was one of the ones that couldnt bring myself to ask. I knew that whatever it was though only made you stronger looking past you at the Aventador. Thanks for putting this site together …. I am onto the next video now.

  • The realest mentor around. The beginning of greatness starts with growth.

  • This was awesome advice and the story is crazy but good. It really explains that their is always someone out their that is having a worst time then you.

  • Matt

    Thanks for sharing your personal experience Andy. I’ve been depressed for the last 10months now and more stuff keeps happening to me. Now it reminds me of how I used to be and that’s by absorbing the good from the bad.

  • Toqeer Hussain

    Powerful stuff

  • Perspective … man … if people only knew how that can change everything. I was listening to another speaker one time and he said it pretty succinctly… No matter how “down” you are, no matter how discouraged you are… if you were near a pool and an infant fell into the water you would change your whole PERSPECTIVE on your “situation”! If you were in a bad mood or depressed and someone walked up with a briefcase that had a million dollars cash no strings would you still be depressed or bad mood? Most likely not… so something as small as a DIFFERENT thought WILL do the same. Thank you Andy and Vaughn…

  • Angela Barton

    Thank you for sharing your story, and most importantly your advice to take away from what you have been through and how to apply those lessons in our own lives. I don’t know how this podcast showed up in my email, I just started listening to these podcasts and each one has given me invaluable information to apply to my life.

  • Rosemary Damianov

    This podcast was touching because I’ve been through some rough patches myself so I appreciated the way Andy was being honest and realistic about his life story and how he explained how he got over his darker days. Great Job Andy. Keep up the good work. I listen to every single one of your podcasts and I get inspired by all of them.

  • drew huskey

    I must be f#cking blind or too much into my work, but when I met Andy, I never noticed a scar. I am just passionate about what I do and people with the same hobbies.

    Here is the deal. Everyone carries their own scars; whether mentally or physically, hell, maybe even both. What I loved about this podcast is how Andy addresses HOW YOU CARRY YOUR SCARS (and I am not talking about an FNH…HA)! There are so many people out there that need to hear this PODCAST and pass it on. There are so many people that can benefit from it. It doesn’t matter if you have a business or not. To be honest, LIFE is a business. It is all in how you run it. If you fail, FUCK IT, find away to get over it, around it, through it…whatever! Make sure you find a way to benefit from it. Failure has it’s benefits, not it’s downfalls.

    So, even though this is a few months late…FUCK YEAH, Andy! You carry your scars like a warrior.

  • Jacob Pauley

    Four years ago i was in a logging accident, had a 50 foot green alder fall on my head. Broken arm, spine, fucked my skull up gave me amnesia. I had to re-learn how to write english left handed while my arm was healing, i was doing abc books in highschool. But i still graduated on time, ive had a full recovery. Adversity generates strength, your story is inspirational brother! It takes a special breed of human to go through what you had to, i only gain admiration and respect those who share these experiences. The true MFCEO haha

  • Carlos Reyes

    I’ve listened to these MFCEO podcasts over and over and over. This shit NEVER gets old. Since I came across Andys Instagram, I’ve been a huge fan, and just barely started to comment and pass the word to my relatives and friends.. I’ve listened to all the podcasts mostly everyday (off days I’m researching Gary V and Ben newmans playbook (which is free if anyone has doubts). Simply a Miracle that Andy turned at that very moment during the stabbing that missed his neck that would’ve sucked for all of us.. I haven’t had any crazy accidents or trauma, but I’m still hugely greatful for everyday I get to breathe. Thanx guys for the time you set aside for us.

  • James Dwight Hedrick III

    I just recently started following you on Instagram and Snapchat. Through those two apps I’ve learned about your podcast. Honestly, just by hearing the firs podcast I know that I am about to listen to your WHOLE podcast series and catch up as quick as I can. I see this podcast series as more than just a podcast… it’s to tool to help me find success in my life. Can’t wait for next episode.

  • Hayes Kimball


    Great first episode. I really think perspective is one of the most critical things to be aware of if you want to be successful.

    For me it was when I failed out of college after my second year. Once I was able to master my perspective on that situation and turn it into something constructive, I started to flourish. I proceeded to get back into the college and get the highest grades I’ve ever received. Since then I’ve landed an internship with a dream company and am well on my way to starting my own business.


    Hayes Kimball

  • Sarah

    Thank you for having the courage to start and the faith to continue.