The MFCEO Project is one #1 resource to remove the "little bitch" voice from my thoughts. Andy and his team help keep me focused on the things I need to do to crush my sales quota and become a better more responsible man.

Pat Donlin -

Because of Andy and this project I truly believe I have been able to accomplish some things at 21 years old that I thought would have taken much much longer. There is no secret to success but The MFCEO Project is the closest you're going to get! Buckle up and listen closely. His advice resonates with me so well that it allows to me go out and execute every day to make those things happen.

Ben Schneider -

The MFCEO Project has basically made me open my eyes and start truly take control over my life and destiny. It's my daily dose of motivation, knowledge and inspiration, all without fluff or bullshit.

Andrei Negrau -

Love this show. Motivates me to keep pushing to spend the extra time i can find in the day to grind a little more. Plus now seeing Andy work at weightloss iver padt nine months is putting that goal high on list.

Jim Hoffman -

Andy's insight re-inforces what we all know but should be doing at work and at home... My employee culture has grown so much in the right direction...

Carlo Crocetti -

Listening to The MFCEO Project is like drinking my 5 cups of coffee in 30 mins! It's like eating pre-workout straight out of the tube! Gives me the energy to push past all my monkey-brain head talk and take on any challenge! Because of Andy, I now commit to accomplishing my five "power list" tasks each day that move me forward both personally or professionally!

Lisa Cookston -

The MFCEO project has absolutely changed my mindset of not only business but life in general. This is definitely a movement that I recommend committing your time to because you will only get valuable lessons back and no doubt that this will have an impact on you.

Anthony Belardo -

The MFCEO Project pushes you to become a better person. It not only provides great tips for business, but how to deal with life as an entrepreneur.

Max Chapin -

You guys are extremely relatable. It's an easy to understand podcast broken down in simple easy to apply lessons. So much so, that if people hear it and choose not to put the practical side of it to use, they really just aren't serious. Love the show and please keep pumping out more content. You guys are amazing.

Jesse Bousquet -

The MFCEO Project has brought life back to me and my company!! I've been in business for nearly 10 years and love creating a future for myself and my team but it is incredibly challenging work! The emotional and psychological exercises we as business owners are exposed to daily is brutal and can knock you down on your ass. Listening to Andy and the MFCEO Project has aided me in my ability to get back up quicker and taller every time I'm knocked down! It has brought back a fire back in my that I haven't felt in more years than I'd care to admit! It not only reminds me why I do what I do everyday, but it inspires me to be a better than I was yesterday and that I'm not alone on an island, like it often feels running a business! Nearly 100% of the content can be applied to everyday life and I feed off the energy and use it to fuel my drive to have the best packaging company ever created!! Because of the MFCEO Project, my staff and I have been resurrected from the death of mediocrity we were facing, and are now firing on all cylinders to be the company we want to be and will stop at nothing until we get it!!

Caitlin Corkill -

The MFCEO Project is a no-bullshit, practical podcast that tells you what it takes to be successful in business and in life. Work hard and give a fuck about people.

Chris, Mitchell -

I have been obsessed with personal development and entrepreneurship since I was a kid. I have always tried to improve who I am, how I think, and how I do things. In every job, I've always looked for ways to improve the business and bring greater value to the customer. Andy brings to light many points that I am well aware of and understand are part of the journey to success, due to my passionate interest in these topics. However, it's the delivery and the way in which Andy is able to articulate these points into verbal daggers which keeps me listening. Andy is incredibly good about being real, raw and honest. He is able to get into my head and tap into the mental blocks and fears that I have about myself and my life pertaining to personal development and business. If you're just starting out or in a rut as an entrepreneur or business owner, The MFCEO Project is the absolute BEST and MOST VALUABLE free advice you will ever come across.

Nicole Barrett -

It seems as if Andy listens to my thoughts so well even podcasts are released with uncanny accuracy of my current mindset and struggles. He has lit a fire that I've never know and shown me I'm not the only one who thinks the way I do.

Derrick Hansen -

The MFCEO Project will punch you square in the mouth with it's honest message... If you're aware enough to let it. Don't listen to this podcast and think about how much the principles would apply to this person, or that person. This to the podcast and think about YOU! The conversation and message is inspiring, for sure. But it goes way beyond that because the truths can be applied each and every day. Don't be surprised when you start to hear the little voice in your head often replace with Andy yelling at you!

Justin Bloxham -

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Wow!! Wow! Wow! I believe everything happens for a reason and in this moment I believe that the Lord allowed me to be guided to your page. You are evidence to me that if I refuse to allow the adverse circumstances around me to hinder me then I will eventually receive what I am working towards achieving. Your words are like food to a starved person and all I know is right now I am feasting!


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You’re such an inspiration for young, driven entrepreneurs like myself. You give me the motivation to keep going. Success isn’t for the weak, only pussies quit.. you’re the man!!!!!!!!!


You must follow this account, Bro!@andyfrisella is the real MF’n deal! Trust. You’re welcome.


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Love reading your posts, Mr. Frisella.  Truly inspiring.


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Andy keeps it real.  If you’re a weak or sensitive person, The MFCEO Project is not for you. If you want to better yourself, it’s for you.

@PrangeldcFrom iTunes review

GOLD!  Andy is raw, real, and no b.s.

@CMT6872From iTunes Review

The content that Andy Frisella and co-host Vaughn Kohler deliver through the MFCEO Project podcast is not only real, but it’s edgy.  It’s the cold hard truth!

jnentrepreneur91From iTunes Review

Andy’s MFCEO Project podcast is the most on-point entrepreneur program I’ve ever heard.  Andy direct, for the jugular, and a straight-out potty mouth.  That only enhances the delivery of his content.  If you want to be challenged, stretched, and hear what all successful entrepreneurs know but few have the courage to share, check it out.

@NewTideFrom iTunes Review

I’m currently looking for a brick wall to run through.  Andy just gets it.  He cuts through the B.S. and tells it like it is. He seems like he legitimately cares and wants to help people. Authentic and full of gold nuggets!

@CoopioFrom iTunes Review

Wow.  Andy really opened my eyes!

@MrBunnyFooFooFrom iTunes Review

Andy has great insight and perspective.  No sugar coating.  Just honest truth!

@Raw37WhiteFrom iTunes Review

Listening to Andy…I feel like I’m learning to enrich my life on so many levels.

@CockDiesel1From iTunes Review

True words.  No BS.  Simple concepts that are applicable today.

@Given90saGoodNameFrom iTunes Review

Break through the stereotypes of business and give Andy and the MFCEO Project a listen!

@TeachbriFrom iTunes Review

Andy tells it like it is and it comes straight from his heart. His experience in building a $100MM empire is real and something I wish I had 30 years ago when I started my own business.  I could listen to Andy’s lessons 24/7!

Rick Corbett Jr.From iTunes Review

Andy is the real life guide for extra motivation without the sugar coating.

@Hampton152From iTunes Review

Solid information and fun to listen to.  Makes my workout go faster!

@BStuckman01From iTunes Review

Andy’s podcast is exactly what you need to hear.  Andy only speaks the truth.

bN is Da ManFrom iTunes Review

Andy is the realest person ever.  He tells it how it is and doesn’t sugar coat anything.  He gives you the blunt truth about life to improve your life and work ethic.

@JayByTheBay94From iTunes Review

Welcome to the real world.  Andy and the guys on the MFCEO Project podcast tell it like it is. Andy tells the truth behind the business ventures that many successful entrepreneurs have endured.  This is a must download!

@Tdaddy51From iTunes Review

Andy gives great advice, life experience, motivation, etc.  No fluffy unicorns.  (Nothing wrong with unicorns.  I like them.  But I digress.)  Just do it, man.  Listen to Andy.  Some real valuable stuff here that will help you in the long run.

@FartdodgerFrom iTunes Review

Andy speaks to your inner voice.  I’m big on podcasts.  MFCEO Project is my favorite.  Best podcast online!

@CgrinbaumFrom iTunes Review

I have known Andy for many years.  I have been fortunate to hear some of his teaching first hand.  I am so thankful he has decided to produce the MFCEO Project podcast…he puts out a no-nonsense approach that society needs to hear.

@Picman7From iTunes Review

Andy never holds back.  [His messages] are live and direct.  If you are weak at heart or accept society’s excuses for mediocrity, he is not for you.  If you want to take over the world, strap in and listen to the man with the plan!

@HeadphoneeoFrom iTunes Review

Andy does a great job cutting through the fluff and presenting a straightforward picture of what has built his success.

@Reynolds3105From iTunes Review

Best motivator out there. Speaks the truth and doesn’t sugarcoat things.

@Umarashraf28From iTunes Review

No fluff, no hype.  The nuts and bolts of success delivered raw and unfiltered.  Mr. Frisella delivers his message in a refreshing way.

@RocksolidbyrdFrom iTunes Review

I think what Andy has done with his life and podcast is amazing.  His right-in-your-face way of explaining things is exactly what people need in this day and age. The information is quality and you can hear his passion in his voice for what he has to say.  That’s because it has taken following this advice day in and day out for so many years to accomplish what he has.  Thank you, Andy, for allowing the rest of the world in on the inner workings of your mind! Hopefully, this lights a fire under so many in the world who need it.

@JQuintal89From iTunes Review

I’ve personally known Andy for over six years.  He’s the real deal.

@LvmercerFrom iTunes Review

We live in a world today where people think things should be handed to them.  Andy’s podcast is a great example of what it takes to be a successful person in business and life in general.

Phillip StewartFrom iTunes Review

Andy is the man and he gets down to business! He has an abundance of knowledge to share about starting out as an entrepreneur.  He never fails to share some serious wisdom!

@anMFERFrom iTunes Review

I can’t even begin to describe how useful Andy and the MFCEO Project podcast have been for me.

S.S. BL.From iTunes Review

Andy Frisella isn’t some self-professed motivational guru whose only been successful at creating at creating a self-help business and selling it to people.  Andy wears his heart on his sleeve and you can tell by the passion in his voice that he just wants to help. So much value here: stories from the trenches, business advice, etc.  It’s all here!

@TheRichRoseFrom iTunes Review

Practical.  Inspirational.  Straightforward.

@AJS_2013From iTunes Review


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