There Is No Success Fairy (And Success Sure As Hell Isn’t Magic)

I used to think like most people.

I used to wonder if all this work would be worth it.
I used to wonder what would happen if I did all this work and still didn’t make it.

  • Was I wasting my time?
  • Was all the pain for nothing?
  • Was all the struggle for nothing?
  • Was all the anxiety for nothing?
  • Was all the fear for nothing?
  • Would it all pay off?
  • Would the “magical success fairy” and “the powers that be” grant me the life I desired?
  • Would I be one of the “lucky” ones?

Yes. I used to think like most people do when they think about doing “all this work” for a result that isn’t guaranteed. And then “it” happened….and it clicked for me a few years ago the day I bought my first Lamborghini. It’s not magical.

Success is not a “lottery” you win.

There is no “chance” and there sure as hell isn’t a “success fairy” or “powers that be” that grant you ANYTHING. I remember thinking:

“I did all this work…and now I’m here and this is MY car?” “WTF? That’s all it is?”

I was honestly kind of confused it was that simple…that’s when I realized…I AM IN CONTROL…my goals ARE GUARANTEED if I’m willing to pay the price. And here I stand on the other side of all the “what ifs” and I’m here to tell you…YOU ARE IN CONTROL TOO!

Most people let the this single thought stop them: “What if I do ALL this work and sacrifice all this time and it doesn’t work out?”…so they don’t do anything and accept society’s plan for them called AVERAGE…and justify their AVERAGE with comments like “it wasn’t meant to be” or “They got lucky” while they sit on a barstool on Tuesday afternoon with their “real” friends talking about how they got screwed.

Putting In the Work

What very few come to realize is putting in “all that work” and not reaching your goals IS IMPOSSIBLE.

  1. Form a solid plan.
  2. Execute that plan.
  3. Learn how to improve that plan every single day.
  4. Focus on your goals day in and day out…and make them your life.
  5. Realize that it takes time…not a year…not three years…a full lifetime commitment!
  6. And most importantly: DO THE FUCKING WORK BETTER THAN ANYONE.


  • JD Cowart

    Hello, I love listening to hoe inspirational you are. I sat down and thought about something earlier. I was wondering if your company/organization would like to sponsor me. I am 14 years old and I will be racing late models next year if I get enough money through sponsors. For me to race an entire season I would need a total of $150,000. This would help pay for parts as well as fees. Feel free to ask questions l, but I feel like your company/organization and I would be a great team! Thanks, JD

    • Marshall

      What value can you provide to him or his company? First, you must ask that question.

  • Awesome podcast. No butterflies no unicorns.. just straight talk. THANK YOU FOR THAT!!! I have a goal to meet you in person, One day that will happen! Thank you guys

  • Empire Jones

    Great advice I have been too all the podcast this week, Thanks for the straight forward talk.

  • Raylus Priscilla

    This is amazing. Your podcasts really impact so many individuals. What is it that keeps you motivated ?

  • Jessica Castro

    devouring all your podcasts right now and THANK YOU! i’m the most inspired and motivated i’ve ever been thanks in large part to listening to your podcasts. this blog post makes it the most simple to share and tell people why they should be following the MFCEO project. do the fucking work! it’s so simple and it boggles my mind that more people aren’t doing just that! stop the blame game, stop the whining, and just go to f*in work! thank you for sharing your knowledge! thank you for inspiring me.