Public Speaking

Connecting through the social web is awesome, but there’s nothing better for me than face-to-face interaction. I love speaking to live audiences and would be pumped to speak to your group—whether it’s for a motivational conference or a business seminar or whatever.

I deliver straightforward presentations with practical tips in my no bullshit style. It’s solid content that I make interactive and conversational. I love questions and interacting with people before, during, and after my talk.

I’ll work with you on developing the talk that best suits your needs, but here are some of the topics I speak about:

  • How I Turned Adversity Into an Asset (In Business and Life)
  • How to Kick Ass in Sales
  • How to Dominate Customer Service
  • You are The Measure Of Your Success: What You Need to Dominate Your Life

If you’re interested in booking me for your event, just fill out the short form and I’ll respond within 72 hours.

Booking Form

    Guys, I truly love bringing value to people and would love to be able to speak at every worthwhile event possible. schedule is crazy busy and I am very, very limited on time. For that reason, I only accept speaking engagements on 2 conditions: 1. It's a charity or cause that is very important to me. And here's the reality - I already have established relationships with the non-profit groups I want to support. So while your charity or cause might be incredibly worthwhile, it is unlikely that I will accept. 2. The group/organization/event meets my fee requirements, which is $75K per talk + travel and lodging. not continue to fill out this form if you cannot meet those fee requirements.