Your Sacrifice Is Normal, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO138

You think you’re making a sacrifice in the pursuit of your dream? You think you are giving up so much as you work to build your business? Andy Frisella says that you need to radically readjust your thinking on the matter. Pain and struggle and sacrifice are a normal part of achievement. You aren’t doing anything that anyone who has ever achieved greatness hasn’t done. You need to understand that. You need to quit your bitching and get work done.

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  • Good stuff. This is one of those- ‘I AM GOING TO LISTEN TO EVERYDAY’ kind of podcasts. Thank you for the truth ALWAYS. I don’t want to be babied. I want to hear the truth so I can get ahead in life-which I already have! I have officially adopted you as a mentor and people think I am crazy for not knowing you. I say- FUCK IT. I don’t need to know you to get wisdom. #theyhavesmalldreams