Recalibrate, Part 3: Motivation, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO115

A few people in life are gifted with a natural talent for self-motivation. But most men and women on Earth struggle to motivate themselves. In this episode of The MFCEO Project – the third of the Recalibrate series – Andy Frisella unpacks his thoughts on overcoming the things that undermine our will to act – from self-doubt and discouragement to difficulty and defeat.

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    I just want to understand how they sell success program though..

    There’s no program.. I agree with my black CowBoy 100%.. Even his speaking isn’t organized but outlined (that’s why Pastor is there.. if not, this guy can finish a 3yrs podcast in 30mins)..

    Everything is just scattered.. Like you having a normal conversation at the bar.. But guess what? All the info you need is scattered in the talks.. ALL!!!

    There’s no pattern, there’s no step by step key to success, etc..

    Think, Plan, Execute… Work so hard that when Luck comes, let it find you working..