Personal Branding, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO123

What is personal branding? Is it only important for a chosen few or everyone? Recently, Andy Frisella was featured in an Inc. Magazine article on the topic. Whether it is being mindful of the online presence you have cultivated over time, transferring solid social skills from real life to digital platforms, or creating content that is an authentic reputation of who you really are, successful entrepreneurs have to be aware of the critical issues connected to personal branding.

  • BIG TIME stuff. Thank you for blowing my mind again with solid truth and perspective. I am going to bust my ass this weekend and keep chopping away at my company!
    -Caroline Perez

  • Christian vollmert

    HI andy and team,

    Really good podcast, honestly. I liked this one especially, because I actually see it the same as you guys do. The resume thing is true too.

    I am one of those guys you were talking about – young german dude trying to built a p. B., going for the long run, want to influence people, etc.
    But i wanna do it in the area of travelling…

    I have a personal travel blog ( ) and try to get an audience for my passion. It is focusing on the personal growth through travelling. and all the stuff you guys said is very valuable and adaptable for my project.

    So thanks for that!

    I keep following! and thanks for telling the honest truth every time, because there are not a lot of people doing that anymore in this world 😉