Opportunity Through Motion, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO128

Entrepreneurs are always asking how to get opportunities, how to network, and how to get opportunities. According to The MFCEO, the best way to find opportunities is to put yourself in motion: meet people, shake hands, get in conversations, and do sh*t! Bottom line: you don’t find opportunities. You create them!

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  • Yassin Ben Messaoud

    I finally listened to all your podcasts and its a shame that I never commented one. What I can say is that I really really appreciate your work I lerned so much from you guys its just ridiculous ! So again, thank you !! Much love from Germany 🙂

  • Marty Mar

    You know what Andy I heard about you from my Old boss who was always talking about you in our morning office meetings. I’ve been missing the podcast lately but I moved across the country last week so I had a little bit of extra time on my hand. Your message really hit home, cause I literally made the choice to get off my A** and make things happen for me….. And your opportunity through motion theory is definitely on point!

  • Robert Patton

    Release a NEW Podcast you cunts. lol. Love you brothers. Hope you are feeling well. http://sheathunderwear.com loves MFCEO the most of all. Gary V is good too. JRE was King but no more. MFCEO is KING, lol but seriously. I am the CEO of SHEATH LLC and this dude helped me stop being a pussy and get my ass on the stage and speak like a fucking man. Just telling myself to stop being a pussy helped a lot being an Army Vet. Thanks Andy and Vaughn.

  • Nicole Vanover

    Is there a transcript available for this episode?

  • Everyday- I connect with 3 people that I can add value to. And 3 people that can add value to me! BOOM