One Word You’re Not Saying That’s Keeping You Unhappy, Underperforming, and Missing Opportunities, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO205

So many of you struggle with saying a word that so many of the people around you need to hear.  If you learned to say this word, you would release so much of the frustration that you’ve internalized. If you learned to say it, people would respect you. You’d gain credibility. You’d gain confidence. Everything from your leadership to your productivity would improve. So what’s the word?

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  • Excellent Bro, here from Spain, just listen to it, so true, this is the first podcast i listen from you. Been following for a while thanks for the content, the energy, and for your words. Action: (already made my timetable for next three months and hit the gym at 6 am instead of 9 am, so i get more time for me and my projects, im a Webdesigner.) Said NO to a friend that wants 2 posters for a masterclass he is making this month. action!!!

  • Lisa Argoe

    Hitting home with this today! Thank You

  • Oliver Caacbay

    The universe took me back here just after telling my brother on the phone the unsugarcoated truth but feeling bad afterwards, Andy you still got it! Thanks Andy! And that’s the F!%ckin TRUTH.