Quit Quitting, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO84

The cheesy self-help gurus and self-proclaimed masters of success always repeat the same phrase, “Don’t quit. Don’t ever quit.” Even though it’s gotten to be a cliche and is often expressed in a sunshine-and-unicorns way, it is true. Success is hard.  The world doesn’t owe you anything.  You are going to have to fight like hell for every inch of progress. Above all, you have to learn how to finish. You must quit quitting.

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  • Lomeli Gomez

    First time i listen i like how you started i was just telling my babysitter how everyone is a winner fuck that …… i fucks with you!!!!

  • Donna jose

    Fuck yeah! Made my day!! Love your concept! You don’t sugar coat shit! Listening to you, it just made my next business move solid! Entrepreneurs rule!

  • PLEASE KEEP YELLING AT MEEEE! I need it! Thank you 🙂
    This is the real shit we need to hear. Thank you Andy!