The Reality of Money, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO149

Money, money, money! In today’s episode, Andy Frisella shares his take on all things money: Is money the greatest thing in the world or the root of all evil? What’s the difference between making money and earning it? How do the most successful people think about money and handle it? This is a favorite topic of The MFCEO’s – one that he has talked about before, but is so important that it bears repeating.

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  • Melissa Lovesmotorbikes

    Hello from Australia! YOU NAILED this episode!! Thank-you for keeping it real👊🏼

  • Austin

    You always bring interesting points when it comes to the “scammers” who pose with objects they don’t own/haven’t earned. Something I personally struggle with is while I enjoy the podcasts and I love to hear what you have to say in terms of life skills and entrepreneurship, how do you apply those skills to your everyday life? Do you apply that to a typical 9-5 or do you only consider entrepreneurship the way to go? Something to work towards while you work in a typical work week?