Money, God, and Maxing Out ft. Ed Mylett, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO196

How does the story unfold for someone who is pursuing their dreams of millions of dollars? What are the stages of success and the critical moments along the way? How does the person who achieves something truly great think? What do they do? Ed Mylett, one of the wealthiest, most successful guys I’ve ever had on the show, shares his life story and lessons on money, God, and “maxing out.” Ed is the head of World Financial Group, a multi-million dollar financial organization.

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  • Brenden Burns

    Ed Mylett has helped change my life !!! He’s such a champion and a supreme example of success !! Thank you for the interview

  • Chris

    Thanks Again Andy! Merry Christmas.

  • Stephanie Wollenburg

    Really was impressed and inspired by this podcast. Thank you for your work, you have been a HUGE influence in my work, my life and my husband’s mindset. Just shared this with my entrepreneur uncle who’s been hustling his whole life. Never stayed in the little farm in Missouri he was born in. Started hosting a little local radio show, went on to DJ gigs, moved to Detroit, moved to Florida, started doing corporate gigs, recession forced him to reinvent, moved to Vegas, and now helps to coach people to work with difficult people, on top of his book tour for his “Opportunity Rocks” book. I watched him grind from afar and saw that the world wasn’t that big, if you want something bigger and better you gotta go for it. I was in like 9th grade and he gave me a little ipod shuffle with a Tony Robbins recording. I listened to it every day when I waled my dog, not knowing that I was just feeding myself positivity and shaping my future through my mind. Now I’m in New York feeling fulfilled (my husabdnd would say comfortable)(told him he could skip that podcast from a few weeks ago) and trying to figure out how to maximize my talents and opportunities. Just felt inspired to share his story, he like you…have people who will optimize every opportunity, making the world a MUCH better place. THANKYOU! (Ps listened from the first podcast when you told your story about being attacked…)

  • Erik Solbakken

    This was a fantastic podcast Andy. You fucking rock!! I’m now a full on follower of this movement you’ve created. It’s just what is needed today.

    FYI – My wife is ordering the Otis and Charley books for our 5 year old daughter for Christmas. Can’t wait to read them to her.

    Thanks again for doing what you do.


  • Arthur

    Andy, We need to talk. I think I can definitely contribute to the cause it anyways. Currently barely under 40. I have been to prison. Which means, I am an ex-con. I currently own 13 businesses. I try every day to make an impact in peoples lives. I recently interviewed and hired a sales rep for one of my companies that mentioned your podcast as an intellectual part of his development. So, I took it upon myself to listen. After listening to a couple, it click that I can definitely contribute to pair up with you and give back to those out there and to make an impact. Please reach out to me yet let me know how to start.

  • Tyson Brown

    Andy, your recent interviews with these power players have been vey insightful. I hope you do more of these!

  • John Kazmar

    This was a great podcast, I listened to it several times, usually takes me several reads or listens for things to sink in. It honestly made me take a look inside myself, to see the errors I have made in life. I was a person that felt money was a sin, but honestly you cannot give what you do not have. Appreciate the content and guests you bring to your audience, you gain a new follower. Make it a great day.