Why Millennials Are Failing, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO209

What’s wrong with Millennials? I have built a strong, multi-million dollar brand, working almost exclusively with Millennials. Millennials are doing some badass sh*t. That said, they do have one downfall. They have an issue with patience. In this episode, I talk about how they – and you – can overcome that issue by developing “aggressive patience,” while is a key to dominating everything in life.

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  • Suoye Ebimowei

    Thanks for this. Aggressive Patience is key

  • Anyone that labels and an entire generation with a specific set of behaviors and emotions is not a reasonable and will discerning individual.

    Labeling all Millennials as entitled, lazy, emotionally vulnerable…etc is ridiculous.

    Let me switch the script – why the Fuck do we accept this level of polarization?

    How did this labeling of Millennials become in narrative in our society that some people consider legitimate conversation?

    The answer is;
    1. lack of decorum i.e. done in poor taste.

    2. Lack of morals – lack of moral character.

  • To the small minority of people who polarized an entire generation of millennials.

    Remember you’re the same generation that continues to make the same mistakes over and over and not teach the Next Generation to continue the Vicious Cycle of stupidity.

    You’re the same generation that has been unwilling to take the time to influence and groom the Next Generation for success.


    1. Placing priority on academic aptitude development over life skills development. Allowing academic education to take a higher priority than life skills learning.

    What good is a student that’s highly educated but emotionally vulnerable and suicidal?

    What good is a educated student that doesn’t know how to cope with the verbal abuse that he or she receives at school?

    I volunteer on this Suicide Hotline twice a month. Help walk these vulnerable students through their dark days.

    2. Not placing a significant emphasis on addiction education in grade school and the university level.

    Alcohol is habit forming. Alcohol is an addictive drug yet our current generation that’s yelling at millennials completely ignores the fact that alcohol consumption is in reality drug consumption.

    Alcohol is a mind-altering substance that destroys lives.

    I tried to limit my observations to two specific points.

    Classic irony at a older generation labeling a younger generation as flawed…. Define irony and hypocrisy.

    By the way I’m 3 years sober as of December 30th 2017.

    I just found your podcast and love it Andy keep up the great work Byron in California

  • Bryan Amezcua

    Fantastic episode Andy! Patience is critical for long term success. Engaging in aggressive patience and EXPECTING success form yourself is, at least what I find to be, a crucial part of the process. Much love and respect to you sir.
    Bryan Amezcua – LA, CA