How To Manage Your Money To Get and Stay Rich, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO162

How do the rich manage their money? Do they keep a budget like average people? Do they avoid impulsive purchases? How do they use credit cards? Do they care about their credit score? In this episode of The MFCEO Project, Andy Frisella covers the basic principles and best practices for anyone who wants to get and stay rich.

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  • Adrian Rosario

    Andy gives great insight to a lot of things most people wouldnt even think of going into business. Very knowledgeable and blunt about how it really is. He wont sell you that rainbows and unicorns crap.

  • Paul Thomas

    $$$ This episode provides an excellent breakdown of where most people go wrong with their personal income and how it keeps them barely surviving and chained to dead-end jobs and credit card debt. Whether the problem is mindlessly chasing every shiny new toy or the opposite extreme of eschewing money altogether, the result can be the same. The treadmill of debt leaves most people too exhausted to develop or better themselves and they’re unable to level up and improve their situation or make a bigger contribution to the world at large. Andy, Vaughn and Tyler give solid advice, tips and anecdotes about how to intelligently manage your finances. They explain why carefully budgeting each month (with a little slack for impulse purchases) to live within your current means is an absolute necessity, even if your income does increases to the next level you desire. This talk also includes revealing tips on how, if or when credit can be used to your advantage (or not). $$$

  • Alex Vonderhaar (Vondigity)

    By far one of the most valuable of his podcast episodes! Super informative and even more practical value. I recommend this episode to at least 3 people a week that I KNOW will gain value from this.