Make Decisions and Keep Moving Forward, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO220

Being decisive doesn’t mean you always make the right decisions. It means you know how to make a decision quickly & intelligently & keep moving forward, learning to adapt to whatever happens as a result of your decision. In this episode, I talk about how this decide/adapt/keep moving forward skill is not only found in the most successful, most highly paid CEOs, but in people who are absolutely crushing every aspect of their life.

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  • Ben Green

    This lesson is gold.

    Just like Andy is doing with this podcast helping you, there are people out there that are actually passionate about the law, accounting and insurance and they are worth their weight in gold.

    If there is any subject that you don’t understand, there is someone who is passionate about it and will be willing to help you. Attorneys, CPAs and insurance agencies are prime examples because a good one will help you understand the processes without costing you any money.

    If someone wants to charge you money to answer questions that are about basic processes about any subject, they probably aren’t who you want to work with.

    Move on.

    Find someone else who is passionate and loves to talk about what they love.

    Just like Andy says in this episode, your mind is telling you all of this is not natural. Rewire your mind. Move. And overcome the roadblocks.

  • Brent Dorsey

    You’re a fucking mind reader bro! You consistently speak to my issues and provide me the most practical common sense, no BS advice I needed right then to push forward.