Why Long and Hard Is the Best Path To Rich and Powerful, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO165

Even if there was a quick and easy path to get rich and powerful, the MFCEO says you shouldn’t take it. Why? Among other reasons: when you get money easily, you lose it easily. It takes time and experience to become the kind of person who can really handle large sums of money. And you cheat yourself out of the things you gain when you take the long and hard road: a great story and the right to respect.

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  • I love this episode because it is EXACTLY where I am in my business- in the trenches… 4 years in, single mom, almost 1 million in sales- HOWEVER NO where, where I WANT and WILL BE. Great reminder to hold on tight and keep pushing!

  • Mitchell Lavallee

    Four stages of Mastery
    1. Unconsciously Incompetent
    2. Consciously Incompetent
    3. Consciously Competent
    4. Unconsciously Competent

  • Paul Thomas

    “Do the work” is repeated over and over in nearly every episode but this one helps the listeners understand why Andy emphasizes it so strongly. The MFCEO ethos about doing the work that so many try to avoid is built around realizing repetition eventually leads to mastery and by attempting to “get rich quick” you can’t learn the skills or habits needed to build, maintain and keep your wealth (easy come, easy go). Andy succinctly points out you don’t need to be a genius with a perfect plan; you just need to stay on course day after day because every single town is full of successful businesses and there is no way that all of them have owners who are smarter than you. They just dedicated themselves to cultivating determination, patience and discipline for giving their best effort, even when they don’t feel passionate or excited about how things are going. This is a great talk for new listeners to get a grip on the cultural shift the MFCEO Project is trying to bring about.

  • Paul Zdzitowiecki

    Amazing podcast. Keep up the good work.