Legacy: Our Obligation, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO188

Buckle up: this is a pretty wide-ranging conversation about everything that is going on with me right now, the vision I have for transforming the lives of the younger generation, and the plans we have for providing tools for REAL entrepreneurs who want to build a business and make millions of dollars. (I also throw in my thoughts on something essential to entrepreneurial success: the importance of recognizing the lifetime value of a customer.)

Links Mentioned In This Episode


  • Phillip Jaso Jr

    Call it the G-Cad or The Grinder’s Academy lol

  • Jerret Hammons

    The name is obvious, guys. The MFMBA. Done.

  • Harrison Wendland

    MF Future CEO Academy could work, MFMBA was a great idea by Jerret

  • Paul Ishak

    Frisella’s Academy of Entrepreneurship and Finer Business

  • Michael Schlager

    The MF Entrepreneur Academy!