How to Integrate Subject Matter Expertise and Sales, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO139

When it comes to sales, you can’t settle for mastering product knowledge.That’s too myopic. You have to broaden your approach to include a comprehensive knowledge and expertise, not just of a particular product, but of the whole industry or field of which your product is one part. As Andy Frisella says, you have to be “the guy.”  You yourself have to be a holistic resource for your customer. Those who do that will reap benefits for your brand and bottom line.

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  • Killer content! One of those podcasts I listened to three times in a row—- in a day! I have been building my brand for 3 years (this month!) and I am SOOOOO GLAD I focused on growing a real brand vs making a quick buck. My company is making money and I have been able to fund myself completely because of this. This is JUST the beginning and I AM SO GLAD I found you guys when I did- because it has changed my entire perspective on not only business but LIFE! However, I am crazy now to most of the people in my life because of my new way…. so, I know I am going the right way! Keep it up. Listener for life.
    -Caroline from Dallas, Texas