Insanity, Intensity, and Becoming a Peak Performer ft. Tim S. Grover, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO199

You can develop the same drive for success as The Greatest of All Time?elite athletes like Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, and even Michael Jordan.  There is zero reason you can’t be a Hall of Fame level performer in everything you do in life. That’s what my friend Tim Grover says, and he should know. He is the one of the most revered mental toughness and performance coaches in history. Those guys I just mentioned? They chose to work with him.  In this episode, Tim and I talk about how YOU can be like them.

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  • Shane Watson

    It’s a shame they don’t teach this stuff in high school and college. Real life experience, no sugarcoating or participation awards. Put in 110% no matter what you are doing or what your title is. The small things matter. Start with something you are passionate about and use those skills in other parts of your life to better your situation.

    And $499 for Tim’s program is a steal. For less money than most people pay for one college class, you can learn how to go from a cooler, to a cleaner, to a closer!!!

    • David Pringle

      I teach a Career Research class down here in a public school district in Florida. I’ve taught high school students for 12 years. I’ve listened to and followed Andy for the last 2 years. He has point blank CHANGED MY LIFE. You better believe I’m teaching Andy’s principles! But, like Andy says, we aren’t the crazy ones!! haha

      IG @dpringpring

      • Shane Watson

        That’s awesome! Wish my schools had teachers like you. Or maybe they did but i wasn’t in the right classes 😁.

        I’ve been listening for a couple years as well and learned more in this short time than 4 years of high school and college.

        • David Pringle

          Doing my part man! Good Stuff! Go all in.

  • Robbie Genito

    This podcast is the kick in the ass so many people need, to many times i hear people say “i don’t have the time or that’s not mine”

    We are all given 24hrs in a day to live the best of our abilty, take responsibility for our actions and take those steps in taking care of yourself.

    I’ve shard this podcast with my friends and all i am hearing back is “WOW where this is powerful”

    You guys are guns and keep doing what you do, we all need to hear this podcast. I am fairly responsible clean up after myself and make sure my work environment is tidy and functional to work…but yesterday i took another step, i was leaving work and someone had dropped food on the floor and left it….i cleaned it up even though this is not my business by doing the little things like this i know i am developing habits which will help me succeed in my future goals.

  • Angelo Perez

    Cant barely fucking hear Tim Grover.

  • David Gomez

    Loving the value on all you do Andy, thank you for being awesome, Keep on attacking it. “you get what you tolerate” Still ringing in my head

  • FALL1N1

    Would be nice if you stopped talking over your guests.

  • Justin Hamer

    Phenomenal podcast! More info than a person can digest in 90 minutes.

  • michael schafer

    Awesome interview!!!