The Idea of Success, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO132

In spite of what The MFCEO has said countless times, people are always clamoring for the “next level content” and “the secret” to success. Andy Frisella says, “no.” There’s no “next level content” that only the elite know. There’s no “secret” available to a chosen few. It’s really basic: “make a list, do the list. win now.” The problem is that people don’t really want to do what is necessary to be successful. They are more in love with the idea of success.

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  • Lance Straughn

    Mr. Frisella, you asked a question. Paraphrasing, you asked why someone would be here listening to you if they are constantly asking questions and avoiding action…. By not putting your suggestions into action in their daily lives, but asking what they need to do in specific situations. I believe I can answer this to some extent. They came to you for inspiration and found that they can get it…Your delivery and your content, is the kick in the ass that they were looking for… The problem is, is that once your episode ends and they take their headphones out, it is on them. Too many times people listen to youtube videos, or podcast and get theses inspirational speeches but never do anything. They get pumped up about action, so much so that they feel like just by being inspired that they have accomplished something. Well it’s bullshit…. inspiration is great, but without action is it worth a pile of shit. The great thing about you, is that your delivery and content can be inspiring but it also gives you tools to actually deliver results. But it all depends on the person receiving the information… Bottom line is this podcast is a great way to keep moving forward, through inspiration and through learning tools for productivity. But all that matters is the results, and without any action on the listener’s part, those results will be the same shit you have always gotten.
    Thank you for helping on my journey. -Lance