Through Hell, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO133

Every entrepreneur feels at times as if they are going through hell. Whether it is experiencing the paralysis of self-doubt, a gnawing sense of isolation, or discouragement and depression, struggle is par for the course. In this episode, Andy Frisella serves as a guide through the underworld and provides his thoughts on confronting and overcoming the trials and tribulations that are faced by men and women who are serious about running their own business.

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  • Gimme that truth! I have been grinding hard for 3 years in my company and I am JUST NOW seeing the fruit. And to me as the CEO, I am NO WHERE- where I want to be!
    But thank you for the truth Andy. I am a truth seeker and feel as I grow I do isolate myself more because I don’t connect with my age anymore. Hell even older….. But I am holding on tight because I know that I will find a tribe that is out doing work!
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  • Fred Lopez

    Mr. Frisella, I gotta say thank you for the podcast. Youre the real deal. I’ve been going through hell lately and I known to always fight like hell every day for what you want. There is no easy way out. My first year in business has not been easy, and I dont think the second year will be easy either. Thanks man, I needed that realistic look that nobody wants excuses just results. I need to dig deeper and push harder than anybody else fuck my feelings. its all about getting it done.

    Thank you sir.