Haters Vs. Criticism, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO127

It’s great if you are out there trying to build a business and life of value. But too many people out there are complaining that they have “haters.” According to The MFCEO Andy Frisella, very few people have accomplished anything significant enough to have haters. The haters are imaginary; they exist in the minds of people who want to create excuses for their lack of progress. In reality, you might be on the receiving end of legitimate criticism. If that’s the case, don’t call it “hate.” Accept it humbly. Learn from it. And use it to truly accomplish great things.

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  • Paul Thomas

    Good advice in this brief episode. I would add that if you really think you have “haters” dogging you then you should check out this disapproval matrix. http://www.annfriedman.com/disapprovalmatrix/ It’s funny yet on-point and might open your eyes to where your critics are coming from. Once you understand that you can quickly move on and stop wasting time and energy on a self-serving story of victimization.