THE GRIM REAPER OF DREAMS: Selective Urgency, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO213

So many people wait and wait and wait?to make a change?to get their sh*t together?to take advantage of an opportunity. They don’t act with urgency until it’s too late…and they suffer the consequences. But successful people are different. They live every day with urgency…even when they are way ahead! In this episode, I talk about how people suffer from “selective urgency,” how to identify it, how to avoid it, and what to do in place of it…so that you can cultivate the habits high earners possess.

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  • Dude! This one hit close to home for me. As in struck me in the dead center of my heart with a knife. Your example of selective urgency in a relationship… yeah. You described my marriage. And ultimately my divorce. There were many factors, but selective urgency was a HUGE ISSUE. And then snapping your fingers and waking up and you’re 40… well I’m 39. But I think I was 25 yesterday… And I can’t show any concrete evidence on progress I’ve made towards my dreams for that 14 year blip… If Vaughn sees this, he’ll appreciate this part. “Teach me to number my days…”
    This message is hard core truth. I can attest to it from my own life.

  • Stacy Tumulak

    This will be my 4th time listening to this particular podcast Andy! I have followed Tony Robbins, had a life coach for the past year, and read a dozen success/self help books and NOTHING has had more effect or resonated more with me than your podcast. I HATE when someone bullshits me, and you never do. You push us hard and put the pressure on because you know how great a person can truly be, and I appreciate that so much! I run a studio, and will run my own gym one day and your mentorship has improved my leadership abilities and my boss has noticed. The power list keeps me accountable and pushes me to work harder everyday. I’m a single mom and failure is not an option. My only option is ultimate success, and I feel that for the first time I can truly achieve that with your guidance. Please let your fans know when and how they can apply for your Entrepreneurship Academy. Thank you for your selfless service in helping us all become better, 1st Phorm is your empire, the MFCEO Project is your Legacy.