How to “Find” Yourself, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO215

The average person approaches the whole concept of “finding yourself” in a passive way. Truly successful people know that “figuring out” who you are meant to be isn’t an issue of figuring out anything at all. It’s a decision. You decide who you are and order your life to reflect that decision. You create the character. You put on the clothes. You go through the motions. You visualize it until you realize it.

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  • Jennifer Dettloff-Carter

    Thank you Andy! ‘Just heard you speak at 10X and now I’m subscribed to all of your lists.
    This is probably THE BEST message I’ve heard about “Finding Yourself” and “finding meaning” in life.
    I’ve sent this my daughter, and quite a few other people. And now taking stock of my own approach, and making some changes.
    Thank you!