Easy Never Pays Well, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO160

In today’s day of entrepreneurship, we have young people (and old people, too!) who are constantly looking for the grand slam or overnight success. They want to try to mimic the stories they read about that say how someone took a rocket ship to mind-boggling wealth. Here’s the reality: in spite of the rare stories that are posted all over the internet, there’s no easy way to earn big money. You have to provide value. You have to execute in an exceptional way. You have to do the things that are difficult. But–in the end–these things pay off.

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  • Chris

    love it. absolutely.

  • Ryan Gorski

    Wow. This is FIRE. Listened to it 3 times!

  • SO DAYUM GOOD! And truth telling at it’s finest! Thanks man!