Droppin’ Bombs and Talking Training ft. Brad Lea, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO191

Brad Lea is the founder of LightspeedVT, an interactive learning software, and a veteran marketer and training expert. In what may be our funniest episode in months, we sat down and talked about the building blocks of training your team (and yourself): great content, repetition, role playing and real life application, and accountability. This conversation is full of insight (and laughs).

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  • Jaymes Bernal

    Hey Just started listening to your MFCEO podcast last week and just want to say thank you for the reality facts. Everything you say and When you have special guest just pump me up every time. I feel as of now in even talking to my peers and sailors about bring successful and being accountable and taking responsibility. Especially at work. I am in the US NAVY and we preach HONOR, COURAGE, COMMITMENT every day. Thanks for everything.


    Jaymes Bernal