Discipline Is The Difference, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO140

What really matters when it comes down to being successful? It’s not motivation. It’s discipline. Anybody can give 100 percent at the gym when they feel like it. Anybody can do the work they need to do when they feel like it. But it is the people who are completely unmotivated and even repulsed by the thought of hitting the gym or doing the work – and do it anyway! – that are the ones who truly dominate in everything they do.

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  • Edward V

    Andy this was fire!!

  • Kelvin Troy Johnson

    Andy… as A Motivational Speaker myself, I can say YOU KILLED THIS EPISODE!! I love it bro. I never go to anyone’s blog and leave a message like this…I had to let you know, this was 100% fire! Keep going bro. I’m MOTIVATED to increase DISCIPLINE! Thanks man.

  • Kenny Bajoon

    Andy you are the best, man you’re really influencing my life with this podcast, thank you so much and Vaughn, thank you too man. You both are badasses

  • Christian Cairy

    when is the YouTube series going to start! the anticipation is killing me!