Cash In Your Chip, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO154

This one goes out to the guys (and gals) who are working hard and have a chip on their shoulder because everybody they know – even their friends and family -are telling them to “grow up” because they are crazy to “pursue an unrealistic dream.” Guess what? Someday, when you are successful, they will tell you “you are a genius” and “I always believed in you.” And it will be bull sh*t.  But it doesn’t matter. Those stupid things that people say are blessings. They will create the chip on your shoulder. They will drive you.  And when you make them eat their words, it will feel damn good.

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  • J.

    Fuck every single one of those people!
    But at the same time…..i wouldn’t be where i am if it wasn’t for them! Sticking it up every person who bullied me through school. Every chick who looked at me like i was a freak, every person that laughed at me was what got me through living on the streets and fueled my fire to become a self made mutha fuckin Gee! And in the words of Connor Mcgregor. ” i apolagise to absolutely nobody.”

    Guys is anybody from Australia or would fly to Aus for a vacation to see Andy speak?

    We have the financing to make this happen.

    I have reached out however i understand how many people fill up inboxes and talk shit.

    Would love to see who would be down.

    Follow me on Insta and reach out