Broke But Not Broken: A Success Story, Part 2, ft. Bedros Keuilian, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO212

If you’ve listened to me, you know that I have zero time for people who “play business” and massive respect for people who have actually built real companies from the ground up. My friend Bedros Keuilian is a real practitioner, a bona fide entrepreneur and multi-millionaire who founded Fit Body Boot Camp. He’s an expert on everything from hosting high end masterminds to scaling a startup into an empire. This is part 2 of a 2 part episode where we cover everything from team-building to recurring revenue.

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  • John Yousif

    Hey guys, I just wanna be straight out and say it as it is purely from a place of love.. you have pulled me through some tough times in the last few months but today’s show did little more than plant fear and doubt in what I am doing…

    You always preaching about being yourself and serving with a hiegher purpose yet i feel today’s show all you did was put down people trying to do just that..

    I mean who cares if they call themselves public figures or This or that so long as they are serving and inspiring.. surely for you boys to get to where you are today you had to at some point be that which you were not YET. I mean Andy bro, you even said yourself you were fat and lazy when u were going around motivating people. Why would people have listened to you?

    I just feel like you guys have the power to bring someone up but at the same time you can burn them because guys out there take your advice as gospel..

    I’m not for dudes trying rip people off and not practicing what it is they preach, but I also know there are dudes not yet where they want to be but have a genuine passion for helping others….

    Love , peace and respect.