On the Brink, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO155

Think about all the things that people have said to you that bother you. Go back to when you were a little kid. What did they say? Maybe it was that you were: fat. Stupid. A loser. A weirdo. Even though you were little when it happened, the hard truth is that you grow up and remember that sh*t. Here’s the deal: People have a tendency to think their struggles or issues are worse than everybody else’s. But the reality is that everybody deals with something. What it comes down to is this: When you get pushed to the brink by the negative memories and thoughts, what do you do? You can cave in and give up. Or you can dig deep and press on.

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  • THANK YOU to the people that always doubted me, told me that I suck and would never do anything in life! FREE MOTIVATION! 🙂