The Best Time To Start Is Now, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO106

Dan Fleyshman, the youngest owner of a public company, the founder of First Slice Media, and the author of “How To Set Up Your Business For Under $1000” joins Andy Frisella for an episode packed with information and insight. From specific tips about drawing up a business plan to big picture advice about management and marketing, these two titans wax eloquent about all things entrepreneurial. But the bottom line is this: If you have a good idea for a product or service, get to work. The best time to start is now.

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  • Nima Nakhli

    Thank you guys for the great Podcast. Also thank you for the free book. I will make sure to use the info in my journey.

  • Joshua Rockwood

    Another great podcast. Dan Fleyshman made a great guest, generated some awesome ideas. I’m looking forward to implementing a few of them. This afternoon I’m sending out a FB promotion to see if I can dial into one specific business, more specifically their CEO. I’ll let you know how it works out. Keep up the hard work guys.

  • Joshua Rockwood

    I spent 2-3 hours yesterday creating a company, from an idea that popped in my head a few months back. I didn’t want pull my focus from our farm, but felt this podcast was worth experimenting with.

    I launched Wholesale Slaughter of Unicorns, created a squareup page 3 products, a logo, an instagram, and facebook account, both with a couple of posts. I created a FB ad and targeted it to the MAN who put the idea in my head and his direct empIoyees, he will also be receiving a Wholesale Slaughter of Unicorns: Man and Beast Starter Kit to the MAN. The kit was sourced and drop shipped. All of this in less than 4 hours of time. $1 has been spent on the FB ad, and the cost of the Starter Kit sample.

    Great podcast, awesome info that works, and is real world.


  • bob dobs

    Awesome, someone from Malta! This session was awesome. Lot’s of actionable gems. Executing on 2 right now. Thank you guys!

  • Jesus Ceja

    Great pod casd with Dan as a special guest. You guys are revolutionary. Love you guys.