How to 100% Guarantee Success in Anything, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO202

Can you 100% guarantee success in anything? Yes. And it doesn’t mean that you have to work so many hours that you never sleep.  What it does mean is that you identify the critical tasks that have to be completed TODAY. There’s no better day than the first day of the new year to review the system ? the tool ? that has helped me complete critical tasks and become rich and successful. If you faithfully and consistently use the tool, you can become rich and successful, too.

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  • Matthew

    Thanks Andy and the MFCEO team for all of the great content, energy and drive. Went to buy the Power List Planner for myself and my team, but it is listed as sold out. Do you have a pre-order for when they come back in stock? For now we are using a janky Google Spreadsheet (do whatever it takes, right?) I put together while re-listening to the episode. Will be nice to have a physical copy that was laid out by the experts.

    Also, can’t say enough as to how much this podcast has helped me feel like I have the power to not be overwhelmed. As the owner of a small firm, there are always a thousand things to do. It is easy to feel over encumbered, to just delegate and close off your mind, but it leads to failure.

    This podcast keeps me on check. Each time I listen, I get inspired to make changes and habits. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Tommy Milazzo Jr.

    In just a few weeks of listening to you, I’ve started major changes in my life for the better. It’s really not about being the best or the smartest, it’s about opening your eyes and looking at the big picture. To stop being reactive and to take control. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve shared so far. That you give this all away for nothing, means that much more. Thank you Andy!

  • David Gomez

    Started already! Vision board included. 2018 is my YEAR!!! Thank you Andy

  • Patrick Tshomokuti


  • John McKilligan

    The Power List Daily Planner is out of stock. Will you be bringing any to Las Vegas?