100-0: It’s A Lifestyle, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO179

When we’re little, most of us are encouraged to be great. But when we get older, for some reason, the script changes. We’re told to be practical, realistic. The people who used to support us now discourage us–so we can be average, like them. You need to learn how to react to people like that. You need to learn to get p*ssed at their negativity and drive it into productive action. Learn to do whatever it takes to “live a life that says ‘I told you so’ without having to say a word.”

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  • I love the reality of this though, and that it’s okay to channel that negative energy we get from people, because the fact is we will need to channel it and some of the people are relatives and people in our lives who we sort of have to “endure” to some extent.

  • Incredible. I have always struggled on what to do with that ‘CHIP’ on my shoulder but now I know how to use it for good. 🙂 Thanks Andy ONCE AGAIN