The 100-0 Holiday Mixer, ft. The Frisella Boys, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO200

This 200th episode of our podcast is like the f*cking box of chocolates that your Aunt Paula is going to inhale this Christmas. It’s an educational and entertaining assortment of stories, rants, and practical insights about everything from being fearless and aggressive to raising 100-0 mindset kids and understanding that there’s really nothing you can’t bounce back from in life?except death. My dad and brother join me in the studio, so you know things get interesting real fast.

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  • Chris

    Thanks for all your gifts and Merry Christmas Frisellas! You guys fu*king rock.

    Ps- please fix the graphic above. 100-1 sounds like your giving them a chance Andy.

  • Chris

    And Congratulations on Episode 200! That’s a lot of content.

  • Melissa

    This episode!! 💯🔥🔥 Thank you guys for continuing to keep it real and providing such valuable content for free! Merry Christmas to you all! ♥️

  • Smith

    Great episode! I can’t even express how much I agree with how sensitive society has gotten. We’re in a time of “walking on eggshells” and it’s creating a mentally and emotionally weak generation. Thank you for telling it like it is.
    Happy holidays!

  • Emily

    I disagree with the small circle concept because I want to show people what I am about and want to learn more about people. But you are right in the sense of keeping important things only for people who care for you.

    I disagree also about listening while driving. When I drive I think about things I want to improve on and this podcast helps me focus on that task I am about to do. And I do take notes and drive by speak texting the ideas to the person I’m texting.

    Other wise I love these podcast and keep them coming! The guest you have had one are great along with your crew.

  • Listening now. Love you guys.

  • Rodney Dwight

    Haha this episode was hilarious. I was dying laughing on the ride home. Guys you seriously need to subscribe to this podcast. This information is so damn valuable and it’s FREE!

    These podcasts will help develope your mindset even further and to teach future generations that winning is not only a good thing, but it’s also fucking awesome. Don’t be afraid to run the score up. That’s what you’re supposed to do! 100-0 #bringingAmericaback

  • Louis Rosario

    Pure wisdom!